My Poor English with Jay Lim


From this sharing, Jay will take you down memory lane and tell you a touching story about the ordinary life of an aimless boy who became somebody in his later life.

The takeaway message lies within the true story of Jay Lim – how the constant pressure and need to succeed compels him to step out of his comfort zone and push his limits further in the realm of design.

In 2008, Jay Lim resigned from an advertising agency and left his job as a graphic designer in hope for a better career. He started work on his own in his little room at his parent’s house but design never left him. He went on to pursue his dream of becoming an enterprising graphic designer and named his company TSUBAKI Studio. Like any other idealistic young designer, he was challenged with reality for the first time: late payments, low remuneration, and no truly creative endeavours. Despite the harsh realities, he shouldered on with the support of Vivian Toh, his better half. The transformative power of changing one’s belief is phenomenal.

As perceived nightmares became opportunities, eventually to ambitions, TSUBAKI soared.

In 2009, Vivian’s father encouraged them to go into publishing. They developed a growing interest in it and took it on seriously. That was how TSUBAKI’s signature publication CUTOUT was born. As the years go by, running an increasing busy design business with just two people seemed insurmountable. From 2009 on, they have been innovative in their approach to business and have carved out a name for themselves in the design industry.

About the speaker*:

Jay Lim has a passion for three things: graphic design, teaching, and magazines. CUTOUT Magazine is the brainchild of Jay and his wife, Vivian Toh – and ever since they started on it independently without much resource, they have reaped the rewards of success in more ways than they could imagine. Their determination to create a future together – as a couple and partners – has led them to co-build a design company that is fueled by their shared enthusiasm, courage and foresightedness.

Called the TSUBAKI Studio, their not-so-little-anymore design company of 9 people has been around for business for more than 10 years. Throughout the lifetime of TSUBAKI, they have received recognitions and awards for what they do well – which is, visual communication. Jay himself has represented the company at several prestigious occasions including accepting awards from the Taiwan Golden Pin Design Award 2014, Red Dot Design Award 2015, Hong Kong DFA 2015 and 2017, HKDA Global Design Award 2016, and several others from China and the USA.

Often, Jay travels to Taiwan for his other responsibilities as a visiting professor at the Kunshan University, or as an exhibitor for his design works. Occasionally, he gets called to be judge of a design award. Jay is also a regular speaker at design-related events such as Malaysia’s TEDx Penang Road that was held in 2017.

Along with the studio’s team effort, the works of TSUBAKI have appeared in numerous publications worldwide, including APD 11 (Asia Pacific Design), GALLERY, CREATIVE TALK ASIA, Sandu Publication, and other international design books.

Jay Lim


透过这个分享会,大家将了解一名男孩如何从漫无目的地走在人生的道路上, 直到如何不断的在压力中磨练自己,迫使他走出自身的舒适区并逐渐地成为了备受关注及尊敬的人物

在2008年,Jay Lim辞去了一家广告公司的职位,毅然辞去了平面设计师的工作,只求能在职场上有更好的发展。 他回到了父母家的小房间里自己开始了自己的事业。 然而, "设计"并没有在他生命中消失,他继续追求自己平面设计师的梦想,并将其公司命名为TSUBAKI Studio。 他和任何其他有理想, 有抱负的年轻设计师一样。他第一次面对到现实残酷的挑战:迟付款,低报酬,并且没有真正属于本身的创意。 尽管有多严酷的现实,还是有个人支持着他,那就是Vivian To,他生命中的另一半


在2009年,Vivian的父亲鼓励他们出版发行。 他们对这一行越来越感兴趣并认真对待。 这就是TSUBAKI的主要出版物,CUTOUT杂志的诞生原因。 随着岁月的流逝,只有两个人进行日益繁忙的设计业务似乎是不可逾越。 从2009年起,他们在创业方面一直处于创新之中,并在设计行业为自己树立了自己的品牌,自己的名字。

更多关于 Jay Lim:

Jay Lim本身热衷于三件事:平面设计,教学和杂志。 CUTOUT杂志是Jay和他的妻子Vivian Toh的心血结晶 。从他们独立开始时并没有太多资源,这些已经超出他们的想象,最终获得了应有的回报。 他们决心作为一对夫妇和合作伙伴,共同创造了一个未来 ,共同建立了热情,勇气和展望未来的设计公司。

这就是TSUBAKI Studio,只有9人的设计公司就已经有超过10年的业务经验。 在TSUBAKI的这一身里,他们已经获得了无数表现良好认可和奖励 ,也就是视觉沟通传达。 Jay 本人也曾在多个着名场合代表该公司,包括接受2014年台湾金点设计奖,2015年红点设计大奖,2015及2017年香港DFA,2016年香港设计师协会(HKDA)全球设计大奖,甚至来自中国和美国的大奖。

Jay经常前往台湾担任崑山科技大学教授的职责,或作为他的设计作品的参展商。 有时也会被邀请为设计奖的评委。 Jay也是设计相关活动的常客,就如2017年举办的“马来西亚TEDx槟城路。”

随着工作室团队的努力,TSUBAKI的作品已经出现在世界各地的众多出版物中,其中还包括APD 11(亚太地区设计),GALLERY,CTA亚洲创意对话,香港三度出版有限公司和其他国际设计书籍中。


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